Our class provides a continuous cardiovascular workout followed by toning,strength training, and ab workout and stretching. We guarantee that these drills will give you amazing results. Moreover you do not have know how to swim to take part in aqua-exercises .The majority of aqua-exercises take place in water no deeper than chest height and your feet will always be able to touch the floor.

Aqua plus land program

This program includes 2 aqua sessions and 3 land exercise sessions in a week. this program is designed for those who doesnt like 5 days full aqua sessions in aweek and also it is the perfect program for those who like to improve their athletic performance and bring back the healthy and fit spirit of their body. through our journey on this field we had served thousands of customers around maldives and they had achieved incredible and exellent results through our land plus aqua program as well as on full aqua programs.

Trying to loose stubborn body fat? Have you ever felt that exercising is too hard? Or that despite exercising regularly expected results are not achieved? Looking for an easier and effective way to trim down and tone up? If so join us in Aqua exercise to get in shape in no time

How It Works

Aqua exercise routines are more effective than land based exercises because of water's unique properties. .In water, you have almost no gravity. You're relieved of 90 percent of your body weight, so you become buoyant. This frees you to move in new ways. You can float, bob and relax without feeling like you're putting out an effort. Yet water provides 12% to 14% more resistance than air, so moving through it is like having weights all around your body.Our exercise routines provides you a wide range of benefits.They are;

 Lessen stress to bones, joints, and muscles while exercising
 Increase in flexibility
 More calories are burned; Your body becomes more fit with exercise and your endurance, strength, coordination, and agility are also improved
 Exercising in water is definitely more enjoyable; there is a boost in your emotional strength as you are able to release any stress you feel about work or problems
Aqua exercise classes are beneficial for everyone.It is ideal for:
 Overweight people who want to exercise but are unable to do so on land because of their weight
 For those returning to exercise after an injury or long period of inactivity
 Older people, as the water gives them greater movement and flexibility compared to land based exercises
 New mums and those with lower back problems, as water supports them taking the pressure off the spine



Getting started

We strongly recommend you to consult a doctor if you are on treatment for any illness, or have any health concerns before getting enrolled our classes.We start your workout in water depth that matches your swimming ability. Never rely on a buoyancy device to keep you safe in water that's too deep for your skills. You don't need much equipment to work out in water—just a water shoes (impact can cause sore feet from rough bottom surfaces). We recommend to wear inexpensive water shoes, such as those sold in discount stores. You can move up to athletic-quality shoes (worn by many instructors) later, if you wish.

























































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